I do realize this post is for a certain audience, but you should read it anyway! And you should definitely read this if you are newly engaged and are wondering where to go to "say yes to the dress." The answer my friends is Becker's Bridal. THE PREMIER BRIDAL BOUTIQUE in Michigan. They have been around a long time, and not just because they are smart business owners (of course this is true too) but because they have exquisite taste in gowns, and they know exactly what the modern bride is looking for. 

They practically have wedding dress companies banging down their doors to preview their dresses. They hold photo shoots just about every week, and you need to make your appointment pretty far in advance. Why? Because owner, Shelley Becker, and her assistant Cayla will take good care of you, they have a knack for getting to know your style, your body type, and their inventory, and well because their boutique is breathtaking. This is Cayla, showcasing the Noelia gown inspired by Emily-In-Paris and by Jimme Huang Bridal.

Back story: I purchased my gown from Becker's Bridal too. It was "the one" then, and I still love it now. Why do I have my wedding dress on you ask? Well I will tell you. You see, Becker's Bridal is nestled right in the middle of the Village of Fowler, MI. Fowler is a great little town, but does not have a place to go and celebrate with your bridal party after you found THE dress. So, last spring, they opened The Phoenix, a celebratory bridal lounge, directly above the wedding dress boutique. Right after they opened, I made a reservation at the Phoenix because I wanted to check the place out and try one of their  charcuterie boards, sip champagne, and


admire and gawk at the over all beauty and genius of Shelley's new gem.

Anyway, I happened to ask the beautiful Cayla if my girlfriends and I could try on a few dresses. She obliged and we were in fairytale heaven! We each were able to try on five or so, and I fell in love with some very fancy dresses. I will admit, I was seeking out the "boho" vibe, but it just didn't look right. What can I say, I like glitz and glamour. After the amazing experience in the showroom, I could not wait to get home and try on my own dress, so I did, and it still fit, and as I previously mentioned, I still love it! 


So, back to The Phoenix. It is a place like no other, with an entire floral garden hanging from the ceiling, and muraled on the wall. When you enter the room, you are transported to a magical time and place, you feel like a princess, you ARE a princess. Even though the intention was for brides to celebrate, it has become more. It is a place for little girls to imagine they are a character in a Disney movie, it is a place to feel special for teenagers turning their sweet sixteen, and it is a place for ladies who want to be surrounded by beauty. The emotion, nostalgia, grandeur, it's all there once you enter The Phoenix.

Here's where we circle back to The Nordic Pineapple. Brides, along with their family and friends travel from all over the state and even country to try on dresses at Becker's Bridal. Why would you look for a hotel or room reservation in Lansing, when The Nordic Pineapple is twelve minutes away from the boutique?! Yes, I said twelve minutes. This bed and breakfast is the logical choice for accommodations, just as Becker's Bridal is the logical choice for your wedding dress. I leave you with that, and a few more pictures from our amazing experience. Until next time friends.

3 pictures of women in wedding gowns