An Inside Look at the Innkeepers' Quarters

It's a little unusual for Innkeeper's to have a 1700 square foot living space inside of their bed and breakfast. Most innkeepers might essentially live in guest quarters with their kitchen and living spaces as part of the inn. That is not the case for Kjersten and Greg.

"It was one of the things we looked for when we decided to purchase a bed and breakfast. Because we have kids, we were looking for one that had the potential for a really nice innkeeper's space, because our kids spend a lot of time up here."
The first thing you notice when you walk up the stairs to the third floor is the full kitchen and large open space. It's light and bright, airy and open and much more modern than the rest of the home. Taking center stage is the large wall decoration, a barn door from the carriage house that dates back to 1911. "I love to incorporate things that are part of the history into the house. Making it a piece of art, repurposing it. I love it, I do love it"

The fire that happened in 1992 was mostly on the top floor. Most of the now Innkeeper's quarters were a complete rebuild and that's why it has such a different feel from the downstairs. It has a more modern feel with tall ceilings and skylights added post fire. It was originally a ballroom and later was used for storage. "We've heard a lot of stories about kids using it like a gym to play basketball and roller skating on the hardwood floor."

The Offenbecker's moved in shortly before the Christmas season of 2020. Before then they had occupied what is now the Yellow Pig, Piglets and Orange Pear suites. When they moved out of those rooms, they converted them to the guest suites that they had originally planned for the third floor. That original plan would have included more common areas for guests, but with only one stairwell access, it didn't work for guest rooms.

There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, laundry room, pantry and dining area. Four large dormers kick out like in a cape cod house, giving the space more room and light. The kid wing has its own lounge with a couch and refrigerator. All of the laundry for the entire inn is done upstairs, brought up by staff.  
"We added the kitchen and still have some work to do. Because of the nature of what we do, we don't spend a ton of time up here and it's always a project that's at the bottom of the list."

The Master Bedroom was there when they moved in. Two large dormers help to create a very large bedroom with an attached bathroom. "When we moved in, it was all white. Super modern, but not our style. I love color"

"We have a family that stays with us at Christmas. They have Christmas downstairs and our family has Christmas up here. Our tree will be up, our son comes from Detroit, we have dinner up here. It's like a house, but no one ever gets to see it. We're happy to share!"