Plated Tater Tot Casserole
Eggs and bowl for breakfast prep
Plate of Abeleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls)
If you've ever seen photos of the beautiful dishes we've posted on social media and wondered how Chef Greg creates such delectable breakfast choices? Or have you stayed with us before and loved the breakfast so much, you aspired to prepare some yourself when you got home? Now's your chance as Chef Greg shares some of his favorite recipes!

Breakfast time is a chance for our "head breakfast maker/cook" to take a break from the home improvement projects of the inn and create in a different way. Entrees are the chef's choice at the Nordic Pineapple, so there's pressure to make sure what you prepare delights every guest.

"I base the menu on how many guests are staying. If we have a full house, we will do a casserole style. If it's only one or two rooms, we will do something that makes sense for smaller amounts like eggs benedict or hash."

There are occasionally guests with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, or vegan. We are proud to be able to offer these options and accommodate our guests as best we can. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are also something we take great pride in.

When it's time for breakfast, our guests have the chance to enjoy our home-style breakfast in the dining room (with tables Chef Greg made himself, that can be combined into larger tables!) or outdoors on the patio. For the ultimate experience, you can even add a Breakfast in Bed package, served with Golden Pineapple Touches.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and enjoy making these dishes as much as we do. Of course, we hope from time to time, you'll still give Greg a chance to make breakfast for you.... as guests of The Nordic Pineapple.  

Recipe Card for Poached Pears
Recipe Card for Baked French Toast
Recipe Card for Tater Tot Casserole