I mean is there really even a debate? My kids might think so, they love a good hotel pool. Me on the other hand, never. I would rather stay at a Bed and Breakfast before a hotel any day.

Here's why. First and foremost it's the food. The gourmet breakfast is the way to my heart. The Nordic Pineapple prepares from scratch some really delicious offerings. Pancakes, french toast, eggs benedict, my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now, sometimes they even make special recipes from Scandinavian origins! They source their ingredients from local farmers every chance they get, especially the honey, and we have great farmers in our town. They do NOT go to Gordon's and buy the bulk scrambled eggs and soggy waffles. Don't get me wrong, I've had okay breakfast at hotels, but nothing beats homemade breakfast at a B and B. Oh, and if you have dietary restrictions, like gluten intolerance, they can craft each breakfast to fit the needs of their patrons.
Rockers on Front porch
4 ladies on the porch

Another reason a Bed and Breakfast is at the top of my list is because the innkeeper can serve as your event coordinator for the weekend. For example, say you want to have a weekend getaway with your friends, and you want to set up excursions or appointments, the innkeeper will do this for you! My girlfriends and I plan a weekend trip every year, and we want to eat, relax, and take in the sights of any town we decide to stay in. Greg and Kjersten, at the Nordic Pineapple, will make sure our manis/pedis are set up at the local salon, they will make sure reservations are secured at the trendy restaurant/bar, and will provide maps to trails, and hours of operations for museums and boutiques and purchase tickets for the theater or anything else to our heart's delight. Plus the late night ice cream, wine, or popcorn that we are craving after a night out? They have that covered too. Another added perk is that the B and B scene usually runs special discount programs with the local businesses. They are there for everything you need, or if you want to be left alone, they will do that too! If you stay at a hotel or VRBO/AirBNB they will give you recommendations, but no discounts, also they can't make reservations for your mani/pedi.

Lastly, the overall ambiance of a Bed and Breakfast is my favorite. They are so cozy and each venue is unique and so are the rooms. They can be themed according to location, culture, college town, or just because the innkeepers want to have a beach room. Picture comfy seating, quiet nooks, luxurious beds, warm baths, and fireplaces. Not your grandmother's house with doilies and knick-knacks all around, but a more refined aesthetic. The modern innkeeper usually has kids, pets, and an Instagram account. Plus, the cleanliness exceeds ANY hotel and most innkeepers take much pride in this fact.

The next time you are traveling and need to make lodging reservations, PLEASE look into a Bed and Breakfast, I promise you will not be disappointed.