With the five-year anniversary of The Nordic Pineapple soon approaching, we thought we'd share some of the things that were important to us when we started this Inn and are still important to us today!
Man with feet up and a cup of coffee

Making People feel at home, only better!

"When we travel, I want someone to take care of me, I want to feel like I'm important. So, we really try to do that here." It's the simple little things like leaving your dirty plate on the table, we'll take care of that; to making sure you have everything you need from dinner suggestions to having a toothbrush because you forgot yours. We're here to take care of you, you are here to have a great time and relax! 

If you need anything while you're here be sure to just ask, we will do our best to help.
Monte Cristo French Toast

Great breakfast experience!

We wanted our guests to walk away having had an amazing breakfast. We offer flexible breakfast times (you can pick your breakfast time, within a window) and we accommodate your dietary restrictions, and we try to accommodate dietary preferences as well. Although we serve chef's choice, we pride ourselves on having lots of great options for breakfast. For instance, we serve French toast every Sunday, but most likely every Sunday you stay with us is going to be a very different French toast. We serve maple bacon stuffed French toast, Nutella French toast, fried, baked, French toast in a waffle maker, we even panini press it sometimes. Our latest creation is a Monte Cristo casserole, you'll have to try it! We are always looking for new breakfast options to entice our guests with. When you stay, we hope breakfast is a highlight for you.
Fruits at the farmers market

Local Business Support & Locally Sourced Food!

We love to partner with local businesses. We have an "egg lady", she delivers eggs right to our house each and every week. All of our syrup comes from a local farm, Livingston Farms. In the Summer we source lots of fruits and vegetables from the local farmer's market. But it's not just food service, we try to partner with as many local businesses as we can. Many of the small businesses in town offer our guests discounts or freebies. Our Laundry service is through Sunshine Cleaners here in town, they have new owners and have done some great things. We try to keep people in town, sending them to local restaurants. We get excited for new businesses to open including the new Pierson 319 BLDG, which is a great event space to recommend to guests.
Bunk Beds in The Piglets Suite

Kid Friendly!

We love to travel and traveling with our kids is important to us. When we thought out our guest experience we thought "how do we ideally want to travel with our kids". The number one priority for us was everyone having their own bed. I don't know about you but getting away does not seem as pleasant when faced with sharing a bed with my daughter or listening to my kids fight over who has more or less covers. So, we planned rooms with families in mind, we have a room with a daybed and a trundle and another room where the kids are in a separate room that is attached through a bathroom. This room has bunk beds and a trundle bed and gives mom and dad much needed privacy. We also have cots that are great for kids because they think they're super cool!
Front Desk at The Nordic Pineapple

Concierge service!

You are here to relax, and we are here to help. We can help with things to do, places to see and dinner suggestions. Recently someone asked me, what's going on in St Johns for St. Patty's Day. "I'm not sure, I'll do some research and let you know what's going on!" In the summer - I can set up tee times for you and you get a discount for staying with us. Are you coming in with a group of girlfriends and looking for something special to do.... I can help with suggestions and even set up things to do. What's close by for dinner? How fancy do you want to be? We help with that kind of stuff. We want to have the answers to your questions.
Friends in PJs

Cater to groups - out of the box flexibility!

We love it when we have a large group come and rent the entire house for their stay. Everyone is able to relax together, there is great space for spending time together as a big group or in smaller groups and at the end of the day you get to retire to your own room with its own private bathroom. We had a group stay with a large number of kids and all the kids wanted to stay together, so they had a camp out in the living room on the floor with blankets and pillows. It was like a slumber party. Everyone had so much fun! "Flexibility is really important to us."
Snack area

Snacks available 24/7!

This is something you don't get at every B&B. Coffee, water stations, small snacks, cookies, chips, crackers, pretzels, soda, etc. I don't know what it is but when there are cookies available at 3 am, I am sneaking down to get one. I don't do that at home but when I stay in a B&B it always seems to happen! But don't worry I won't tell if a few cookies are missing in the morning.  
Playing Cards and Euchre Trump Dice

Special Events!

We want to make St. Johns a place you want to visit. We love our Murder Mystery weekends; it's become kind of our niche. We designed a murder mystery that is very interactive, one of our guests is the murderer but everyone is on the hunt. There is a scavenger hunt through St Johns where you not only look for clues but also get to see everything this quaint town has to offer. It was important for us to involve local businesses. They all get really excited about it, because we send 14 people to their business and it's a win/win, our guests always rave about what a fun time it is.

We also offer Euchre Tournaments with a $700 purse, and we just held our first Yoga and Wellness Retreat. Spoiler alert: We are working to bring in a local private chef and offer a unique dining experience that will be offered on select dates as part of your one-night stay. We love all of these wonderful events and are always looking for new and innovative ideas, we'd love to hear yours.
We hope you decide to stay with us in the near future, making new friends is the best part of the job!