Meet the Innkeepers: Greg & Kjersten

Hello, we are Greg and Kjersten and absolutely in love with the bed and breakfast journey we have embarked upon. We have been dreaming about running a bed and breakfast for years but it never seemed like the time was right. We debated about waiting until our younger children graduated from high school but that is many years away. Then there is the whole logistical thing to consider. Both of us have great jobs and love to travel and wouldn't it be hard to walk away from that? Then Kjersten's dad passed away a couple of years ago and we asked ourselves ‘what are we waiting for?'. Life is short and we are ready to start a new adventure together.

Greg is retired from the TSA where he was an Officer at the Grand Rapids airport. He is quite the home improver who loves building things, including all the tables we use in the inn's dining room. These are no ordinary tables, there are four smaller tables that link together to make bigger tables. They are able to convert into round tables that we can use to host small gatherings like birthday parties, showers, or small reunions. Greg is also the head breakfast maker/cook and is in charge of most laundry duties.

Kjersten is a statistical programmer in the pharmaceutical industry and works from home. This allows extreme flexibility when it comes to running a B&B. She helps Greg with home improvement tasks but really enjoys decorating and finishing pieces of any job. She also enjoys baking and is the head baker for the inn. 

Our Family

We have three wonderful children, two of whom we adopted at birth and one who has to claim us as his own. Our daughter still lives at the inn with us so you're bound to see her around during your stay.

Our oldest son, Dallas is an engineer who lives in Madison Heights and works in the auto industry. We do not see him nearly enough but are very proud of him.

Our youngest son, Garret lives and works right here in St Johns. He loves baseball and video games.  He visits often and you might just catch of glimpse of him.

Our daughter, Gracie is entering the 9th grade at St Johns High School. She loves writing her own short stories and is an avid reader.

We also have two cats, Misty and Gidget, and one crazy little dog named Coco. Our cats spend their days lazing in the sun on the 3rd floor but you may see Coco from time to time. Everyone is excited to meet new people and learn about new places. We look forward to your visit.